Yellow Cafe was created as a project, symbolising our relationship together. Bella always thought I was like sunshine - hence yellow and she likes coffee, too - hence cafe. We thus became Yellow Cafe and have made music together ever since in our bedroom at the top of our house. Surrounded by plants and fresh inspiration each day. Everything else after that is a product of our collective creativity and that's for the people to interpret themselves. We just provide the soundtrack to small-town living.

We quote from a conversation with Fleeting Media "I’d say that our creative process begins with an idea in terms of musicality. This is often accompanied with a line or two of lyrics by Bella. We bounce ideas for a number of days and then begin the “process”. We live in close proximity to one and other and so we’re always in our creative space - as far as “recording” is concerned. This, much to the excitement of ourselves, means we’re always frantically setting up our microphone to record lines in. As for me, [Jakob] focusing on composition where the production is concerned, I, more often than not, sit and write loops with field recordings and bounce the audio between Ableton and the Sp-404. It provides me with the freedom to create, whilst not in the confines of a 15 inch screen and that really helps me to “feel” the sound. A lot of our influence comes from jazz, anti-pop and sparse sound and so an idea is frequently generated from inspiration, paying homage to existing artists. This is our melting pot and our environment. Engulfed by plants, with wires cutting through the middle. It’s our little big planet and we call it Yellow Cafe Studios - as much as at attic bedroom can be. In terms of our releases, we don’t really do much prior, and our days consist of bouncing ideas and finding the sweet spot between “it’ll come naturally” and “we need to fucking pull a track together”. Most of the time, the stress pays off and we get the vocal line down in a few takes. It mixed in another day, mastered in the next and a final export in the next. That’s how we work. Organised or not, but reflective of the environment we live and work in... with some tea mixed in for good measure and always a little Bella for Jakob and a little Jakob for Bella".

We’re currently in the process of developing a live sound performance, which is our current major focus along side our releases bimonthly. For booking enquires and other press contact:

Much love to all! Your support is a cornerstone of this project.

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